Now You Tell Me

Story Behind The Song

A man regrets the choices he made in life and now wishes he could go back an do it all over again.

Song Description

A friend - who is now CEO of a large company in the US - visited me after 25 years and we spent the day together. We used to be in a band together in the 1980's but he never pursued his music and regretted this his entire life. Now more than ever. He told me that he had everything he could possibly wish for in the material sense but was very envious of the way I had always followed my heart and went on writing songs for others and myself. He said that if he could do it over he would have stayed with me and the music.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Dreampop
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Poignant
Subject Life Language English
Era 2000 and later


Now You Tell Me

Time slipped away from you
-left you where you are now.
Stuck within cracks of your mind,
memories linger somehow -

As you wander through the years,
down the back roads you know so well -
At the cross roads, you disappear
into the past - where you dwell.

Now you tell me that 'the good-old-days'
are often what you long for.
Now you tell me in subtle ways -
memories fill you with remorse.

Trusting blindly -you opened your heart,
believing love would stay the same.
Somehow you knew - right from the start:
we had to go our separate ways.


You battled inner wars and you won them all!
Never losing - integrity or grace -
You felt His Love & Light, turning to hear His call
I know the truth was hard to face......


Time slipped away from you
-left you where you are now.
Stuck within cracks of your mind,
memories linger on...somehow...

© SongwriterTill2017

Lyrics Till Zuidema Music Till Zuidema
Producer Till Zuidema Publisher Till Zuidema
Performance Till & friends Label SongwriterTill / BUMA

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