The Final Note

Story Behind The Song

Trauma's of a army/war veteran!

Song Length 3:26 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Final Note

Vs 1
At the age of nineteen they sent him off to war,
horrors he encountered were rotten to the core.
As you read these scribbled words, written by his ghost,
know he did his duty but this would be... his final note.

Vs 2
He told you he was leaving, you doubted every word.
You'd been together for so long in a safe teenager world.
'I'm gonna join the army', he announced to everyone.
Cut his hair, packed his bags and left.... at the crack of dawn.

They trained him well and he excelled
They said; 'you'll be the best'
showed photographs of heroes
with medals on their chest.
Proclaiming 'Son we need you'
he asked: 'What can I do?'
They said 'You fight for our belief
and we'll take care of you'.

Vs 3
One night he changed - a brutal fight - became his funeral pyre.
So many died - he slipped inside - no more his gun for hire!
They asked him 'Son what have you done? Don't turn your back on me!'
Fight for my cause, for army laws, our truth and dignity'!


They ate him up - spit him out. Trained him but what for?
He paid his dues without a doubt - but they demanded more!
No heroes' death - no crowd will cheer - it's all that he could take:
he sat and wrote a farewell note - then he took... his final break!

Lyrics: Bernie & Till
Music: Till

Lyrics Bernie Gainford and Till Zuidema Music Till Zuidema
Producer Till Zuidema Publisher Till Zuidema
Performance Till Zuidema Label SongwriterTill
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