Goodnight (Slow)

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Song Length 2:32 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - Dreampop
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Goodnight(My Love Will Be Around)
(c)Penny Towers and Steve Young

As the light begins to fade
And you start to feel afraid
Remember my love will be around

If you find you cannot sleep
And the fear is much too deep
Remember peaceful dreams are where you're bound

Take it easy baby
Take it as it comes
Sleep is right around the corner
Then you'll be on your way
To start another day

As the moon begins to rise
And you close your sleepy eyes
Remember my love will be around

Here's an acapella lullaby, full of sweetness and love. I can almost see the mommy holding her baby in her arms and singing it to her. Lots of great emotion here. Lovely lyrics.

Lyrics Penny Towers Music Steve Young
Producer Dennis Wilber Performance Penny Towers
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