All My Days (Choir)

Song Description

The deep connection with a departed loved one that exists.

Song Length 2:15 Genre New Age - Alternative, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Lyrics Penny Towers Music Penny Towers
Performance Alon
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calvin mcfarland Crazy Good 3/14/2020
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calvin mcfarland Doesn't Get Any Better 3/14/2020
calvin mcfarland My Top Songs 3/14/2020
Cyn Penny 3/12/2020
Cyn Awsome vocals 3/12/2020
Cyn Contemplative lyrics 3/12/2020
Cyn Production Originality 3/12/2020
Cyn Serenity 3/12/2020
Cyn Lullabye 3/12/2020
Cyn Hauntingly beautiful 3/12/2020
Cyn Beautiful Soul 3/12/2020
Cyn Beautiful harmonies 3/12/2020
Cyn Dreamy 3/12/2020
Cyn Songs of the Spirit 3/12/2020
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Cyn Songs of Love & Hope 3/12/2020
Cyn Songs of mystery & beauty 3/12/2020
Cyn Sweet poignant songs 3/12/2020
Cyn Beautiful music 3/12/2020
Cyn My Top Songs 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Stunningly Beautiful 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords ...oh dear sweet Jesus... 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords every once in a while i hear a song that just brings me to my knees in tears...this is one of those times... 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Fusion of musical & lyrical passion 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Velvety Smooth 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords a truly magnificent masterpiece 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Touch my heart forever 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Its a fucking masterpiece, what more can I say? 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Excellent vocal harmonizations 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords imho, 1 of the best songs on bj 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Extraordinary Artist At Work 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Make Me Cry 3/12/2020
StarburstRecords Outstanding Inspirational Tracks 3/12/2020
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