it's tea time

Song Length 3:29 Genre Pop - Rock

I dig this what I'm gunna call a BLUES tune for sure!
Arranged and mixed well. The lead guitar doesn't sound "real" to my ear, unless you fx'd it on purpose...
Nice progression from start to finish--you know how to write!

Put this in a movie right away! This piece could work as part of soundtrack easily. It's catchy, enjoyable, moves with a steady energy. The guitar instrumentation is like Mark Knopfler. Where many instrumental tunes are just background filler, this piece is a well thought composition with a melody that makes me want to listen to it again.

Very nice groove, and the sound on the Strat/Tele is very on-point. It's got a nice melody and I hear this more in line with R&B tracks like Billie Jean or a classic Isley Brothers sound than Pop. Doesn't matter, still a very enjoyable listen.

Really clean recording - I like the sounds, tone, mix and recording a lot! Good arrangement and nice dynamics. The song has a really cool flow to it.

Great work here, very nice production and super catchy!

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