The Light (Latin Rock)

Story Behind The Song

I have a foreign (Russian) accent and sometimes people make an issue out of it: they try and make me feel "less of a person". I say, " As If !! "

Song Description

In the World that encourages sameness and mediocrity, the Tall Poppys get a cut down; someone who stands out gets rejected. You can be "different" in many ways: it could be your race, or you may be a Goth or a Geek or have a foreign accent or a physica

Song Length 3:53 Genre Rock - Grunge, Latin - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Moving, Anxious Subject Hope, Friend
Language English Era 2000 and later


The Light

Written and Composed by Nadezh?da (Nadine Stavonina), 08.04.04, Birmingham, England, UK.


Verse 1:

Oh my, oh my, can you understand me?
It?s not a speech impediment.
I am a walking curiosity ?
But that?s irrelevant.
They say, I won?t succeed -
Too different, independent of
Mind; that I belong with my kind ? ?
Here?s me thinking, I was human!!


You bring the sunshine into my life, without you
The darkness descends all around me.
With you by my side,
Everything seems finer.
You bring the sunshine into my life,
Without you the darkness,
All around me, you bring the
Light into my life,
You bring the light into my life,
you bring the light

Verse 2:

Oh my, oh my, can you comprehend this?
?Cause I can?t work it out:
How can I be true to myself?
And not stand out?
Every human life is a short and bright
Descent of a shooting star, you?re
Splendid just the way you are,
?Cause you set my world alight.



You give your own Brand of Divinity -
You save me from myself.
With you I can face the Infinity -
I?m safe and well?


Ad lib:

I thank you for the light that you bring to me?

© by Nadezh?da (Nadine Stavonina), 08.04.04, Birmingham, England, UK.

Lyrics Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina) Music Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina)
Producer Nadezh-da (piano), J.Dewsbury (guitar, drums) Publisher independent
Performance Nadezh-da live shows & radio, UK Label independent
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