Stop the Game ( Rock-Pop, Rus Version)

Story Behind The Song

I'll let you figure this one out!

Song Description

the woman is teling a man that she's not a Human Doll and can't be just "moulded" to suit his wants and needs ... it's about a relationship that needs space

Song Length 2:58 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Affable, Engaging Subject Relationship, Hope
Language Other Era 2000 and later


Stop the Game English translation for Perestan? (Rus)

Written & Composed by Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina) 05.08.2004, Birmingham, England, UK.


Verse 1:

With your lips
fit to drink only honey?
With your hands you
destroy more than you create?
With your eyes you
look but you can?t see?
Are you happy now?
Wil it turn around?


Stop the game,
because I?m no longer playing
Stop right now
?cause I?m not your human doll
Stop the game,
why control the way I?m feeling
It?s not working:
Love, it?s just beyond control.

Verse 2:

With your eyes
It?s better not to see?
Your deeds aren?t easy
to be proud of.
Give me the hope, that
You?ll change for the better.
Let me be or there?s
Nothing left at all.



Your human Doll?s tired of the game
It?s time for Pinocchio to become a man.
Boys will be boys,
What matters is your Soul.
Barbie?s got no
Patience left at all.


© by Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina) 05.08.2004, Birmingham, UK

Lyrics Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina) Music Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina)
Producer Nadezh-da (Arranger & Piano) &J.Dewsbury (guitar & drums) Publisher independent
Performance on the radio & live around UK Label independent
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