Addiction (R&B)

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it's about when love turns into an obsession and becomes destructive to the people "dependent" on it

Song Length 3:32 Genre R & B - General, Latin - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Anxious, Poignant Subject Addiction, Lover
Similar Artists No Doubt Language English
Era 2000 and later


By Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina), 07.09.03, Birmingham, England, UK

Verse 1:

It?s like the track marks you?ve left on my heart
Are still as fresh as craving still as strong
It?s not enough and it will never be,
It is a loosing game, I know.

Addicted to your love, inside I feel
No other pain at all when you are near.
There is no one to blame for this,
That?s just how it goes,
It?s like this:


It?s like the blind leading the blind;
How can you even rely
On someone else to provide
The happiness that you?re seeking?

Mind and Body in overdrive
Postpone the trip and look deep inside:
It?s a beautiful thing, your mind,
But loving you - is a lethal addiction?

Verse 2:

It?s like your love justifies my life;
It?s like I need your breath to survive;
It?s like I cannot even see without your
Eyes fixed firmly up on me;

It?s like I?m?
Skipping a beat in my blood-flow:
Top up my sugar levels, Sugar, there you go;
It?s like the rock is missing in my smoke.
Without the fire in the engine this train won?t go,
It?s like this?
It?s like this?



Drugs kill the Soul, babe, it?s a fact. And I?m the
Worst kinda junkie they have.
You are my drug, babe, I get high on you?
Gonna overdose, too late, I already have.

© Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina), 07.09.03, Birmingham, England, UK

Lyrics Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina) Music Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina)
Producer Nadezh-da (synth & arrangement) & J.Dewsbury (guitar, drums) Publisher independent
Performance radio & live around the UK Label independent
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