Sista on Sista (DEMO acoustic R&B)

Story Behind The Song

Where do I start? A woman can be your best frined, ever and your worst enemy . I never understood, why. It's probably something to do with the imposed notion of a female being of weaker sex or something.

Song Description

Females should stick together, because together we're strong - devided we shall fall. We can achieve more in life if we get on with things instead of wasting time on bickering.

Song Length 2:49 Genre R & B - General, Classical - Classical
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging, Diplomatic Subject Change, Femininity
Language English Era 2000 and later


Sista on Sista

Written and Composed by (Nadezh?da) Nadine Stavonina, August 2003, Birmingham, England, UK.

Verse 1:

It?s a natural way of human evolution:
Wolf on wolf, with a post-mortem absolution.
It?s a ?grab and run?
With ?I?ll pay you later?s
?She?s got it better than me,
Don?t you just hate her??

All the rivalry is killing me?


Sister on Sister, from a cat-fight to extinction?
There?s gotta be, gotta be more than this competition
United we are strong, noone can fight us,
But one by one, they can snap the brunches?

Verse 2:

What?s happened to friendship and sisterly loving?
I?m sick to my stomach with all the squabbling
?Divide and rule? - is a man?s creation,
The weaker sex is reduced to self-hating?

All the rivalry is killing me?

Sista on Sista ?


Almighty knows all

Sista on Sista ?

Extra part: (for Nadezh-da performance only)

* Spasi I sohrani, Vsevishnii znaet vse,
Almighty knows all, Save and protect me.

(* the last Bridge ? for Nadezh-da performance only, words Save and Protect me, Almighty knows all in Russian)

Copyright © by (Nadezh?da) Nadine Stavonina, August 2003, Birmingham, UK.

Lyrics Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina) Music Nadezh-da (Nadine Stavonina)
Producer Nadezh-da (synth sounds) & J.Desbury (engineer) Publisher independent
Performance radio stations in UK , Nadezh-da live shows in UK Label independent
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