Look What They've Done

Story Behind The Song

I used to be a fundamentalist christian. I made a concious decision to believe and for the following 6 years or so I was a fervent believer. I used to research the bible and teach/preach to all my friends. But I kept my mind open just a crack. Apparently it was enough for me to crawl back out and see my blind faith for exactly what it was.

Song Description

This song is a protest song about religious fanatacism and its negative effects on people.

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Outraged, Heated Subject Liberal, Progressive, Protest
Similar Artists Foo Fighters, Blue Oyster Cult Language English
Era 2000 and later


Look What They?ve Done

What?s behind their eyes?
They?ve chosen to believe
Not questioning the lies
That even they can see

6 billion people
Believe 6 billion things
They suffer while they pray
Their time here slips away

And some believe we?re all damned
Except the ones on their plan
Look what they?ve done
They force what they believe on everyone

As children we believe
Hell?s a frightening lie
Free will that is not free
They warp our minds

They teach as they?ve been shown
That?s all they?ve ever known
They judge and segregate
Yet they can?t see their hate

The circle goes around
Buildings keep falling down
Look what they?ve done
They?re spreading all their hate on everyone

Why let the blind lead the blind
When the rest of us can see?

And in the names of gods on high
They kill and steal and lie
Which gods will help us live?
How much blood should we give?

They dream about their heavens
Meanwhile they?re trashin? this one
Look what they?ve done
Declaring all their wars on everyone

Lyrics Mark Speciale Music Mark Speciale
Producer Mark Speciale Publisher Mark Speciale
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