I have a small A/V studio here at my home, and on the songs listed here I did all the instruments, vocals, writing and recording myself. I rarely see daylight. I really want to work wirh some other good musicians kinda freestyle-like. Check out my webpage at http://werfgerf.com/mark

I'm tired of havin' all this talent and wasting my time bullshitting around making a living with a suit and tie. I just want to play with some other emotional players and record whatever comes up. I'm up for Songwriting, Collaboration, Session Work, Soundtracks, Voiceovers, Performing, and All Types of Audio and Multimedia CDROM Production.

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Grew up in Chicago and came to L.A. in the late 80s. Never fit into the performing scene, (all glam bands at the time on the strip), so I just did occasional acoustic gigs for years while recording my own material just for myself.

My strongest instruments are (in descending order) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, any Percussion instrument, Harmonica. I record with Sonar 2 and use midi instruments for cleaner recordings and greater post-production flexibility, wherever I can.

I've been through a lot in my life, and my songs bear the scars for it. I'm borderline psychotic, I'm sure of it.

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