Nine Nickles

Story Behind The Song

This short song is one of 26 songs from the composition "Phonics A to Z" representing the letter "N". Each little song has it's own melody and it's own set of words beginning with the letter in question.

Song Description

Words beginning with the letter "N" throughout the song teach the listener the sound of the letter. This was part of a set of 26 little Phonics songs. They each initially had a single melody line on piano. Further amplification of this song has been done adding another 16 bars and that version will replace what is here when it is produced.

Song Length 1:07 Genre Unique - Children, Jazz - Big Band
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Sociable Subject Money, Vegetables
Similar Artists Angela Lansbury Language English
Era 1920 - 1929


If I had NINE NICKELS and five cents more,
I'd have fifty cents and I wouldn't be poor.
I'd take the NARROW lane NORTH to the store
And buy NAVY beans, NOODLES, and NUTS galore.

If I had NINE dimes and two NICKELS more,
I'd have a dollar and I wouldn't be poor.
I'd take the NARROW lane NORTH to the store
And buy NAVY beans, NECTARINES, and NUTS galore!

(N for Nuts!)

Lyrics M. Caroll Shaw Music M. Caroll Shaw
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