What Do You Dream About

Story Behind The Song

The song was originaly written with intention - to express the desire for some material thing. (Specifically for jewelry. I was hoping for an opportunity in a jewelry commercial.) After receiving a critique of the song while it was in the progress of being written, it was changed to express the desire for love of someone or something to make the song more focused. Even though no particular living person was the object, I believe I was able to convey the feeling of desire for love.

Song Description

A song about the wish for love by invoking the magic lantern and flying carpet stories from Aladdin's 1001 Arabian nights.

Song Length 2:57 Genre Latin - Jazz
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Pleased Subject Dreams, Magic
Similar Artists Cassandra Beck, Astrid Gilberto Language English
Era 2000 and later


What do you dream about.?
Is it how you shall ride
Upon a flying carpet.
The Genie's on your side,
Sleeping open-eyed,
Granting wishes day in and day out.

What do you dream about?
Someone who'll hitch a ride,
Upon a flying carpet.
Staying up all night,
Love episodes in flight,
Pay Scheherazade a shout out.

While on your carpet ride,
Is there something you're wanting to see?
Someone you're hoping to find?
Somewhere you're wishing to be?
I stay awake all night,
With love episodes in flight.
And I can't stop dreaming of you.

Cause I Stay up all night,
Dreaming about you.
Stay up all night,
Dreaming about you.


Dreaming about you (x3)
Dreaming about you (x3)
On a carpet ride

What do you dream about?
The day you'll take a ride,
Upon a flying carpet,
Your wish is satisfied,
The Genie's on your side

Dreaming about you
I stay up all night
And I'm Dreaming
About you
Can't stop dreaming (x6)

Lyrics M. Caroll Shaw Music M. Caroll Shaw
Producer Joe Milton Publisher Flashlight (self-published)
Performance Backup singer: Joe Milton

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