I Wish I was Santa Claus

Story Behind The Song

Everybody's always looking for a better job.

Song Description

Santa's got the greatest gig. What does he do with the rest of the year?

Song Length 2:57 Genre Unique - Holiday, Jazz - Big Band
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful Subject Madly In Love
Similar Artists Harry Connick Jr. Language English


I wish that I was Santa Claus
That dude's got it made because he only has to work one day a year
And I'd spend all those other days
Finding lots of other ways to show how much you mean to me my dear
I wish I was Santa Claus this year

If I was Santa that'd be great
I'd take you on a jolly date I'd pack a picnic basket full of cheer
And we'd jump in the sleigh and go
To the Forest of Mistletoe I'd give you a kiss and nibble on your ear
I wish I was Santa Claus this year

And you would be my Mrs. Claus
And you'd get lots of gifts because
You're high up on the list because you're oh so very nice

Yeah if I was Santa that'd be swell
Ring a ding those jingle bells HO HO HO I love my new career
I wish I was Santa Claus this year

Yeah if I was Santa that'd be fine
I'd be yours and you'd be mine and we'd be so in love it's crystal clear

And Christmas Eve I'd fly away
But I'd be back on Christmas day and you'd pop the top on my ginger beer
And I'd say ZOW! I'm glad vacation's here
I wish I was Santa Claus this year
And every year

What'll they think of next for an original song? Well, you certainly put a new slant on the secular aspect of Christmas. I think your lyrics and idea are VERY CLEVER and the vocals were crystal clear. I love it when I can understand all the lyrics. You had some pretty cute stuff in there. The line that stands out to me is popping the top on your ginger beer. That was super cute. Did you think that up in your head or pull it out of a rhyming dictionary?

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