Story Behind The Song

No teacher was harmed in the making of this song

Song Description

True tale with a moral.

Song Length 2:19 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi


I shot me teacher in the eye
It was an accident I swear
I'm very thankful she's all right
Now hear my story if you dare

'Twas back when Mork was really big
We had our cool suspenders on
I loaded mine with a ballpoint pen
Pulled back let go and it was gone

It arched across the classroom sky
It struck her squarely in the eye
O' teacher punish me I begged
She shook her head and softly cried

You'd better listen if you care
Your school supplies weren't meant to fly through the air
Treat your teachers well of course
And live a life without remorse

Lyrics Ken Sinclair Music Ken Sinclair
Producer Ken Sinclair Publisher Rolling Donuts Productions
Performance BennLovesTracy Label Rolling Donuts Productions
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Clean Clean

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