Story Behind The Song

Tracy watched an episode of Jackass with Benn. When it became clear that they were actually going to hook up a crank generator to their testicles, she stood up and said, "Those boys need a spanking!" (all of those guys are older than Tracy :)

Song Description

Explores pop culture in a meaningful, sophisticated way. Just kidding.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Language English Era 2000 and later


She don't like Jackass but she likes Jack Black
Cuz he can sing and that eyebrow thing he does is really cool
She don't like Jackass more of a fan of Kyle Gass
Six strings to do his thing and it makes her drool

But everybody isn't born with skillz
What are they supposed to do

They're gonna go downhill in a shopping cart
Pull down their pants and light their farts
Use a baseball bat to test their cup
Hook something electrical
To their testicles
And crank it up

Now I wanna speak to you through this song. You think I'm advocating things that are wrong. But I'm not telling you to do the things I sing. You gotta find your own way, you gotta do your very own thing. Maybe you'll use your voice...back yourself up with guitar. Write THE GREATEST SONG IN THE WORLD can it really be that hard. Or maybe you'll sit on the futon, remote control in hand. You'll be flipping through the channels and you'll see this awesome band. And when their done this show'll come on, not new but not really old. And what you'll see is groundbreaking TV, refreshing and sassy and bold. And yeah maybe their inane stunts are a pathetic cry for help
But if you ain't got the skillz...how else will you pay the billz

Will you go downhill in a shopping cart
Pull down your pants and light you farts
Use a baseball bat to test your cup
Hook something electrical
To your testicles
And crank it up

Lyrics Ken Sinclair Music Ken Sinclair
Producer Ken Sinclair Publisher Rolling Donuts Productions
Performance BennLovesTracy Label Rolling Donuts Productions
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