Scorn Flakes

Song Description

Funny jazz combo-style story of waking up with your wife mad at you and trying ot figure out why....

Song Length 3:08 Genre Jazz - General, Jazz - Swing
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Charming Subject Fight
Language English Era 2000 and later


Scorn Flakes

Words and music Barry E. Thompson, All Rights Reserved
Scorn flakes this morning
She woke me up way too soon
For a big bowl of scorn flakes this morning
With no milk, no sugar, no spoon

Well, did I leave my socks on the floor?
Or accidentally slam a door?
Or stay our once again until 4 am and she just can't take it no more?


I want bacon biscuits and jam
Sunny sides staring up from the pan
But she's too cold to melt butter and its making me shudder
That's no way to treat a hungry man


Maybe I make the bank account overdraw
Or I wisecrack my mother in law
... Might-a came home without a dollar and lipstick on my collar
But don't everybody have their flaws?

Chorus to tag:
This could be a warning
I might just play that hunch
Scorn flakes in the morning means
Change my mood, my attitude, and hope she don't wake me for lunch

© 2010 Barry E. Thompson, all rights reserved, Registered BMI

Lyrics Barry E. Thompson Music Barry E. Thompson
Producer Barry E. Thompson Performance Barry E. Thompson- guitar, bass, saxaphones, piano; Jeff Thompson Drums
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