St Lucian Love

Story Behind The Song

USA man in love with girl from St Lucia, who learns of and appreciates her connection with that island

Song Description

Song recognizes St Lucia Island as the home of singers love interest, depicts various nicknames of St Lucia, and professes love of the island's beauty and stature as well as their mutual love... metaphor can be found there... poetically determines the singer's ability to know the island breezes and sun and blue waves through his love interest, in spite of not ever being there and not being an "Island Boy"

Song Length 2:35 Genre World - Reggae/Caribbean
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Adorable Subject Madly In Love, Happiness
Similar Artists Bob Marley, Bob Marley Language English
Era 2000 and later


St Lucian Love
Words/Music by Barry E. Thompson, all rights reserved, March 2023
Registered BMI
Verse 1-
Helen of the west, Lady of the sea
Island of St Lucia, Jewel of the Caribbean
You speak her beauty, and though I've never been
Island sun will shine on me when you smile again

I'm no island boy, but when you look at me
blue waves roll through my soul on Caribbean seas
I'm no island boy, but I love my island girl
I've never been but looking in your eyes I see (I feel) that world

Verse 2-
Volcano made with mountains tall and sure
As our love grows through time we are just like her
Small... surrounded by sea but never afraid
She's one strong island, volcano made

Repeat Chorus

Helen of the west
Lady of the sea
Island of St Lucia
Jewel of the Caribbean

Verse 3-
I stay amazed That fate flew you here
on sweet sea breezes still lingering in your hair

Repeat Chorus

Tag: I've never been, but looking in your eyes I know that world

All Rights Reserved Barry E. Thompson © 2023

Fun song about the Island of St Lucia with the recognizable reggae flair and flow. The lead and backing vocals are cool, "live" and authentic. Right from the top I really like the groove that the drums, percussion, bass and guitars lay down... simple and effective. Nice job!

Nice Caribbean song. Gentle and swaying. Good lyrics and well delivered. Pro production

St. Lucian Love is a catchy reggae song with good potential for film and TV.

This is a very cool idea for a song. Never been to the islands, but feel like you've been there because of your girlfriend from there. I give the lyrics/metaphor very high marks! The lyrics/story have a unity from start to the volcano reference! Nice job, songwriter!

Great Reggae sound and feel song takes you to the islands so you can hear the ocean waves, very effective song.

Lyrics are sentimental and global appeal about love at first sight kinda love even though it's about an Island girl specifically

Reminds me of Bob Marley...

Lyrics Barry E. Thompson Music Barry E. Thompson
Producer Barry E. Thompson Performance Barry E. Thompson all instrument and vocals
This track is on 1 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
Top 10 List Rank
World - Reggae/Caribbean #9

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