Guilty Dogs

Story Behind The Song

Copping riffs is a lot of fun. Joey E's one take on drums, while trying to beat the "heat" out of town. He recorded this take in five minutes with a loaded truck, then drove all night for LA. Right after that he immediately met up with Pam.

Song Description

Everybody is a rip off artist...even you.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Everybody's dreamin and a schemin like they were someone else,

Everybody wheelin and a feelin like they were someone else,

See that boy he's just an idiot star,just a slob getting beat by dogs,

See that girl she's just a novel queen, just a scribble in a magazine,

See the boys in their justice jobs, but they spend all night playing old guitars,

A stolen riff and a borrowed chop, in the end they're all just guilty dogs,

She tells him he's the king in bed, his money's going to her head,

He's just her little sugar bear, in the end she's gonna be his heir, Guilty Dogs, guilty dogs.

Pour me something bittersweet, in the dark you're gonna meet,
this thing I call myself and I can't stand Jekyl but afraid of Hyde.

Oh hahahahaha.

Everybody's dreamin, hopin and a a schemin like they were someone else,

Everybody wheelin and a feelin like they were someone else,

She caught him in another bed, now that papa bear is dead, Goldilocks and Mama Bear get together just to count their shares. And in the end...

Cop a deal on a stolen chop, in the end we're all guilty dogs,

What a sequel when the loot you take more than equals all the love you faked.

And in the end, everybody's doing it, doing it, doing it.

An acid/bluesy/fuzzy/psychedelic/vaudeville rock coming out from the sixties. Nice sound.

This little gem is well composed, and has no trouble in keeping the listener interested and engaged through out the song. The instruments are well chosen and compliment each other well. The various shifts, and licks all come together very nicely. Reminds me of some kind of modern beatles song. Great sound and the overall felling is catchy, and it's hard not to move a bit or tap your foot as you listen.

Nice little rock 'n' roller. Good groove to it. Perhaps, bring the vox up just a tad. Other than that, good work.

Great classic rock.... kind of a gangster of love feel. Good bass and guitar interplay.

great guitar

Great song and great hook

Lyrics JJ Huggins & Tom Ogden Music Jack Haggis, Tom Ogden, Joey E on drums
Producer JJ Huggins Publisher JJ Huggins
Performance JJ Huggins, Tom Ogden Label White House Music

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