Shine Like You

Song Length 4:08 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


She comes in the window for the night, had no other plans.
Watching while the amber waves, does an accidental dance.
So she thinks about resurrection, how it feels to come again.
Another shape or dimension or in somebody else's dream

And every time she closed her eyes the signs begin to show
Any way you see it - you got a right to know.

So the evening begins, he's staring in to her every thought
and smiles just like a thief before he leaves, before he's caught.
It's a crazy moon that burns the blue from your eyes
and takes what's left of you back in to the white

And every time he's by her side.
He reads the sky from left to right
And he never once changed his view.
Said there's nothing in the world that shines like you.

Now and then you face the east and see your self - a mystery
And now and then the edges meet saying let me in let me in

So a thousand years pass through your veins
You can feel them all make amends
The tide is sweet on your tongue like silver we're melting

And even if you find the key, say come on in
I'll be there if I can anytime day or night I know
that even if I'm miles from home, the bridges break, the tunnels burn ?
there's nothing else that's coming through
there's nothing in the world that shines like you.

Lyrics amilia k spicer Music amilia k spicer
Producer amilia k spicer Publisher Walk To Your Own Music (ASCAP)
Label free range records
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