Song Length 3:46 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Right across from Lolly?s shop the heat came on
the watches stopped
Just a minute right before I closed the door
and checked the clock
and there it was, effect and cause, right at 4:08
And in that pause, all that I was could finally wait.

Ever have a minute you don?t feel like you fit in it right
Then it comes and goes and what you?ve lost
you never know from sight.
But there by chance I got to dance in between the beats
And open ends would just suspend in front of me.

Outside in the parking lot the eagles fly,
the sun has dropped
And there?s a little breeze
I can?t count on anything- it makes me sweat.
it makes me scream
and that?s alright with me

I see you coming in the window
I hear you knocking down door
I know you?re trying to get in.

Hold the elevator, I am sooner, I am later still
California sunrise in the Pennsylvania skies until
And then I think, that if I blink, I will see it twice
To repeat something sweet is something nice.

Superhero, superstar I took the money, wrecked the car
Took a shine to lions, looked for diamonds in the local bar
Found a trace, the perfect place to take a midnight ride
I can?t be late at 4:08, or nevermind

Really don?t know, really don?t know why it feels like summer
Really don?t know, really don?t know but theres heat here under


Lyrics amilia k spicer Music amilia k spicer
Producer amilia k spicer & Ed Tree Publisher Walk To Your Own Music (ASCAP)
Label free range records
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Clean Clean

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