Song Length 4:07 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Seamless, I am Seamless
There're no stitches, where I've changed
Seamless, I am seamless
There're no fault lines, here to blame

Seamless, I am seamless
Like a day breaks into pieces
Seamless, baby, I am seamless
Like a shiny lake - no waves across the surface

And I hear that's what you need
To get by, to have it all
You must be seamless, like me

Endless, I am endless
There're no page breaks to contend with
Endless, baby, I am endless
From a long line of white picket fences

You say why does time fly
When I only crawl
I say nothing at all

Speechless, and deceiving
But my lips move when I am sleeping
Speechless, baby and indifferent
To the shadows crossing over my own pavement

Seamless, baby I am seamless

Lyrics amilia k spicer Music amilia k spicer
Producer amilia k spicer & Ed Tree Publisher Walk to Your Own Music (ASCAP)
Label free range records
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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