Falling In

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Rock
Language English Era 2000 and later


Headlights low over asphalt skin
Heard my reflection saying where you been
No walls to write on but the words begin
Ain?t no way you?re gonna fall

Back to the place I found my edge
It?s a long way down to the innocent age
Been digging this one myself these days
But I?m not falling in

Sad man running from a brown eyed ghost
Said that slice of life cuts a little close
I?m turning into what I fear the most
And I?m afraid I?m gonna fall in.
Ain?t no way you?re gonna fall

And you ache for wated time
And you wait to feel alive
And you hate the swallowed pride
And you wait for someday

So leave a receipt at the wishing well
Take what you need how can you tell
You?re leaning in to that golden pail
But you?re not falling in


Lyrics amilia k spicer Music amilia k spicer
Producer amilia k spicer & Ed Tree Publisher Walk to Your Own Music (ASCAP)
Label free range records
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Clean Clean

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