Take Me Down

Song Length 0:00 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


Left alone in pieces, you start to second guess the sun-Try to rearrange, realize, realign, and resize, the damage I have done-When you don?t care, the story goes by so smooth-You don?t work, don?t want, don?t wait shouldn?t have a second left to lose -Like a statue, I can sit motionless, examining the room-With a breath of fresh air, that one bright stare, breaks the circle into two-I?d just like a nice smile, to talk for awhile, keepin? most left unsaid-Keep It Simple Sometimes, duck in the lines, get a chance to breath instead
Take me down-All- the paradise is fake-How- much more can I take-Now-is the time to change-Just to feel you- All- the paradise is fake-How- much more can I take-Now-is the time to change-Too much to see you.-You can?t ever hide your face, when you begin to stop the truth-Somebody?s been talking in your ear, your mind changing in the booth-It?s alright though had my daze in the shade-But I can?t stop thinking about the promise that you made-Had the time to make it go, I was slow on the pull so how the hell is Mr. So and So-I bet he treats you real nice, he didn?t have to pay the price-I want it so damn bad I?d make the same mistake twice-Seems like memories park in short term-And all that I have left is the lessons I learn-How sometimes I say, and I say what ain?t right-But how quickly love leaves in the time of the fight-He understands me, I bet he does, he wasn?t there when you needed anyone I WAS-I WAS-Gone away are the days, live life stuck in the maze, I?m the one who can?t stay, I?ll fade away-Chorus-Go away come back go away I need you here-Go away come back go away-Chorus

Lyrics 3 Pill Morning Music 3 Pill Morning
Producer 3 Pill Morning;Nick Tveitbakk Publisher 3 Pill Morning
Performance Dan Schroeder;Dave Ackley;Jay Hanson;Jeff Stebbins;Tony Bremer
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