Song Length 0:00 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


I never got to say the things I wanted to-I know you never said the way it haunted you-I saw you just the other day you were looking like-You were just fine, Got no change in your ways-Seems like you?ve gotten past this our life?s the fastest-Was it one of the baddest-I-deas I may have-Got my shot to shine and put together the plan-Like putting five forces together in a cage United We Stand, divided we rage-I can?t take no more I gotta let it go now-Thank you for waiting there for me-And I?ll wake up the man to see what you wanna see-Somewhere-I know, I know I will be there-You know you will see me-I?ll find my way back home-My way back home it?s all I know-And I?m Facing the fact that I?m all alone-I know what?s right -What was wrong and what was right-Hide in the the shadow to live into the midnight-Who?s wrong, gotta put all together now-I?m staying strong-I?m done it?s done -It just can?t be I thought you were the one-Can?t make the blind see what they can?t see-All you can do is just believe-I would give anything to find somebody new-Make me feel alive and forget about you-Please trust in my choice-I will hear your voice-My days are gone of writing love songs-Had it all lost it all now this is all I got-Tried to make it fade, but it didn?t pay-Live for better days, live for better ways-Now I can?t play no more, can?t say no more-Cause the one?s out the door-Living out a dream happy with a frown-But I still got love from all that are down-You are all here now and that is what I need now-Chorus-What will people say? What will they make us do? I need you!-Chorus

Lyrics 3 Pill Morning Music 3 Pill Morning
Producer 3 Pill Morning;Nick Tveitbakk Publisher 3 Pill Morning
Performance Dan Schroeder;Dave Ackley;Jay Hanson;Jeff Stebbins;Tony Bremer
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