Song Length 4:00 Genre Rock - General, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


I?d love to make you cry-To see if you still have a soul-The look is in your eyes-I know you?d love to let me go-Maybe it?s the nonstop rain that brings the pain-Now whenever it?s sunny it?s a lot more funny-I won?t complain, but I kinda hate the season-At the end of my rope and there?s still no pleasin?-Listen to reason-See, there?s you there?s me and there?s a lot of empty promises that came to be-They were never filled-Like your prescription to pills-Took my lease on life and now I foot the bill-I say what I feel, and I mean what I say-But you?ll never hear me say I didn?t mean it that way-Your mind is never made up-So let?s make plans on a half empty cup.-Speak your mind, you?re always right-That?s why we fight ?til the middle of the night-Struck down by your upper hand-I?ll start making my own plans-All that I want is going away-Take Me-All that I have is falling away-From Me-Time misplaced, our lives erased-My false start at the front of the race-Applied all of my logical mind-The search for the truth kept me falling behind-I could?ve said nothing we might still be something-Now it?s only your shadow that I?m touching-Do we only get together just to patronize-Or should I have another drink and philosophize-So now I stress I?m a mess I can?t sleep at night-I?d give a dollar for your thoughts but I?m a bit light-So here?s your shoes and your coat I left em by the door-I?ll keep my thoughts, you don?t even need them anymore-Take your time, see what you find-Never wonder what?s on the other side-I will be here, we could be fine-Just in case you change your mind-All that I want is going away-Take Me-All that I have is falling away-From Me-Someday you will see that unkind, this is not the way-Someday you will know I burned and tried to hesitate-These times aren?t easy so I?ll go before I hit the floor-I was in pieces but then I don?t need you any more-I?m looking deep inside to see if you will ever change-You are so cold now and need to know if I?m to blame-You?re filled with so much hate-I tried to hesitate-But it?s too late!!-These times aren?t easy so I?ll go before you get away-I?m looking deep inside to know if you will see the way-Chorus

Lyrics 3 Pill Morning Music 3 Pill Morning
Producer 3 Pill Morning;Nick Tveitbakk Publisher 3 Pill Morning
Performance Dan Schroeder;Dave Ackley;Jay Hanson;Jeff Stebbins;Tony Bremer
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