Perfect 4 Now

Song Length 3:50 Genre Rock - General, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


I?m comin? for you-this time-My perfect you say you?re uneasy, well maybe we can talk for awhile-You like to think that you are so smart now, changes we went through, it?s all wrong-You think you know it all-well you don?t.-So perfect you say that you?re lonely, well maybe we can fuck for awhile-I?d like to think you might try and please me, we?ll know who just to trust-Sometimes-You make me feel so hollow-Don?t waste your time-Nothin? left but this pain to borrow-Change you mind-If regret?s my only friend, I?ll regret until the end, until the end-Switch-switch away those words that you say-fuck up your life don?t fuck up my day-Test me pull out your fist break your mind, one step away not far from behind-Wreck me without the games in the life when she kept me, with all the lies and the style when she set me- With all the lines will it let me be without my world will it set you set you free-This is never gonna work-I swear-Chorus-I?m tryin? hard to say this in a loving way , won?t mess around on me, now that?s the shit I can?t explain. I?m tryin? harder now it?s easy just to get away, I just don?t know you, maybe someday there?s another way. Take that push it away, take that push it away, take that push it away, push it and move it and take it and break it away!

Lyrics 3 Pill Morning Music 3 Pill Morning
Producer Nick Tveitbakk;3 Pill Morning Publisher 3 Pill Morning
Performance Dave Ackley;Jeff Stebbins;Dan Schroeder;Tony Bremer;Jay Hanson
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