Hi,i am a songwriter/producer/artist.I have worked in a studio for 3 years although i am now freelance & mostly location record,using logic audio.I have worked in many different genres including ethnic & have written & played in an asian band.I am currently putting together two albums,one is guitar based,ranging from rock to folk,the other is for my ambient material.I have had a few independant releases with ambient & dance material.I would like film or t.v. work & sell some of my songs to major artists. I hope anyone who listens enjoys the tunes,cheers Rick.

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Hi i am a singer/songwriter/producer living in London England.
I am a freelance recording engineer which i enjoy & i have had a few independent releases of some of my electronic music.
I like to write in different styles from rock to ambient and i would like to get some of my music in film or t.v.& I recently licenced some tracks to a music library.
I hope anyone who listens likes my stuff.
Cheers Rick


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