Cackle Cox - songwriter/vocalist/guitars/bass/
Josh Philips - drums/percussion
Brian Cox - Backup vocalist

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This is a collection of the best songs from Broadjam that we have come across. We love to play this list while doing work on the site here and while just surfing the web. If you don't like our music then give these people a try!

Music We respect

In reality there is the music you would buy and then there is everything else. These are the songs that for some reason, whether our personal tastes or quality of the recording, that we can appreciate them but wouldn't see ourselves buying. Definitely Still worth a listen!


This group is like a Pantera and White Zombie fusion without being a tribute or cover band, was nice to hear and hard to pull off. This is the type of music that you either listen to or you don't, but if you are listening to it you want to hear the songs all in a row. So we figured what the hell and put up all the songs in their own list. We feel like this genre of music lost a little something when Dime Bag Daryl got shot, not that he was the greatest guitarist ever, but because no one deserves to go out like that. It only takes one idiot at a party to take things too far and ruin everyone's good time. This is the first collection of songs I have heard since then that makes me remember the good times, which is one hell of a compliment. I hope they appreciate it.

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Videos are hosted here and also on YouTube. The link for YouTube is:

Videos often take on the misguided sense of humor of the native born Philadelphians we are. We only annoy because that's how we show how much we care.


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Brothers Of Craig
over 30 days ago to Signal Burden

Hey there, Paul from the band Brothers Of Craig, thank you for including our songs on your playlist, its great to know people are listening to us in the States

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Clean Clean

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