CAPUTO QUARTET consists of one person, Joshua Maselli Caputo.
I record everything in my basement by myself as a hobby. I have hundreds of "songs" from acoustic instrumentals to pop-punk to singer-songwriter to techno to "hip-hop". Broadjam seems like a good place to expand and learn about music from all kinds of musicians, not just what the radio and television play.

July 09. I am posting some of my albums up song by song.
* A day called X *
A compilation of beats from 2000-2005
* Klee-Shay *
My first concept album. Some old songs rerecorded
and strung together with newer ones.
* Punk B *
A short punk rock album.
November 09
*(T.S.N) The Sexual Nightmares*
Fake prog synth rock.

Latest News

I have had a few songs in a couple of Broadjam TOP 10's. I consider it lucky but motivating. I upgraded to pro MoB status in 2010.
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