Finally, my new solo CD, Sojourney, is finished! Although I have played in bands for years, this is my first solo full-length album. In the past I have played everything from funk to hard, drop-tuned rock. Now, with this release, I have focused mainly on my instrumental compositions. With the exception of one song, Every Word, all songs are instrumental. All of the songs on this album are written, performed and produced by me.

The idea behind Sojourney is a reflection of the paths that all of us are on. With every track on Sojourney, I take you along with me on my travels. Beginning with the title cut, Sojourney starts off quiet and introspective; building to a crescendo by track 6; then bringing you back to resolution by track 13 with a reprise of the title track, Sojourney.

Look for Sojourney on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Sony Connect, Music Net and eMusic and enjoy the ride.

A Little Bit About Me

I am 33 years old and have been playing music most of my life. I have played in heavy blues-rock bands as well as in a funk trio. I have long since given up the desire to be a live performer. I have, however, not given up on being a song writer. I have had four songs on Broadjam Top 10 lists. I have been a member since January 2006 and have recieved some very positive reviews from them. I currently have had 15 songs forward by Taxi to music libraries, ad agencies and record companies and have recently signed a non-exclusive plublishing deal with AudioSparx

Now I work full-time writing music for websites, custom phone trees (automated answering services), as well as recording local artists in my home studio. I have also scored a documentary filmed by students of a local university. Most of my experience has been playing live, but for the past couple of years I have really been focusing on my original compositions. While piano is my primary instrument, I also play percussion and Native American flute. I feel that I bring a fresh new depth of emotion not readily found in modern instrumental music. Here's what a few reviewers have said about my pieces:

"A really nice piece,'s got a nice rhythm driving the song, the arrangement on top is more world & ethereal with a slight classical feel. It's beautifully arranged & played" - Taxi review

"Nice work with reverb/delay. Overall it reminds me of Bob James at the start and David Arkenstone as it continues. Excellent arrangement - flows well. Everything is well performed. Well mixed and recorded - a pro job." - Broadjam review

I hope you enjoy what you hear and I would love to hear from you.

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