There is only one member of Remains to be Seen. Techically, I am not a strong guitar player, but I know what I like. And what I would like is to make you think and feel. It doesn't matter what I intended the song to be about, but where it takes and moves you. Anyone can be moved by the right progression of notes, to joy and tears, to inspiration and fear. As a listener, I owe you an experience, because you have taken your time to listen to my music, and for this I thank you. Please enjoy what I think has a distinctive sound all its own. I call it "Cinematic Goth-a-Billy"

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Loaded a couple songs, one is a redo. Take a listen.


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Matia Dathen
over 30 days ago to Remains to be Seen

Dude, I keep thinking "I'm Done" belongs in a fight scene in 'Kill Bill Volume 1'

Thank you for your review to Farwell to Tarwathie I am glad you liked it. The next time I record a rock song I promise to belt it out....What people don't know is I could blow you out of the room in Key but choose not too my best regards...DBR

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Remains to be Seen

Tom, Glad to have you as company on the Unique-Avant Garde Top 10! Roy doesn't post this genre, but you can check it by Advanced Search/Genre/Unique-Avant garde. It ain't easy being Unique! - Nick

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Remains to be Seen
over 30 days ago

Well look at us being all creative!! Congrat to you sir for the 2 and the hitting the top 10 in folk.

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