I have been playing guitar for several years like 35 and several other instruments as well as front man for several bands, am now mostly writhing and recording and mixing tracks in my home studio hoping to get a song out there that some one would like to record and we could both make some bucks, I am not looking to become a millionaire just would like to make it so my Wife and I could retire to the home we would like spend our days in upstate New York

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I started out when my Brother found me messing around on his Silvertone guitar, telling me I would never be able to play so I should give up,so I asked my Dad for a guitar, I was 12 he got me A Gibson Les Paul S-1 and I sat and put old Ventures records on and played along with them for hours, then I discovered the Beatles WOW I played along with the records for days till I had the songs down and have been doing that since, now I play just about all kinds of music from Beatles to rock to Johnny Cash and of course George Straight, I am pretty much out of the band business and mostly write and record my songs and some covers in my home studio, I still sit in with folks and play at local festivals and other occasions but mostly am interested in an artist hooking up and recording my tunes and maybe we could both make a little money so if you are into that let me know thanks

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still writing songs and recording also playing around the area

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over 30 days ago

I am your biggest fan

Margie & Allan Hurd
over 30 days ago

thank you very much that means a lot

uploading videos to a couple songs, playing in a few clubs and bars, writing more and recording stuff for people to hopefully want to colabarate with em

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