RIFLE STREET MUSIC is honest, no-holds-barred, rock born of self-exploration and pain. Main songwriter/vocalist Dominic Bodell's personal angst is bolstered by the rock solid rhythm section of Jesse Mills, Nate Moosman, and Jeff Anderson to form Salt Lake City's most promising band.


Salt Lake City is conflict. Where snow-capped mountains tower over
sun-drenched salt flats, and a major religious temple casts its shadow
on believers and non-believers alike, Salt Lake City is filled with
conflict - and conflict inspires sanctuary.

For Dominic Bodell (vocals/guitar), Nathan Moosman (guitar), Jesse
Mills (drums) and Jeff Anderson (bass), music is their sanctuary, and
their 'altar' of choice? Rifle Street Music.

A gifted self-critic, Dominic Bodell, converted personal failures,
pain, disparity, and internal struggle into song in an apartment above
SLC's Rifle Street in 2003. Bodell writings became the blueprint for
Rifle Street Music, including the ready-for-radio "Exchange Myself"
and "Listen To The Radio." The honest and deeply personal catharsis of
these songs rings true to fans, musicians, and music industry insiders.

In 2004, Bodell, sent home recorded demos to Los Angeles producer,
David Eaton, whose productions for unsigned artists (Dynamite Hack
"Boyz-N-Tha Hood" and The Polyphonic Spree) have topped radio
playlists and lead to major label signings. "I get tons of cd's from
young bands trying to be stars," producer David Eaton says. "Some
people try to write about life. Dominic's life forces him to write.
That's what makes his music meaningful." Then Bodell joined forces
with a drummer and headed to LA and recorded a 3-song single which was
welcomed at SLC radio and drew great interest from East Coast A&R

Shortly after recording with Eaton, Rifle Street Music won a local
competition to play at the radio station X96 (KXRK) "Big Ass Show."
Which garnered local attention, and praise from both fans and peers.
This was followed by a showcase for industry A&R at a Warped Tour
after party.

In 2006, Rifle Street Music have signed a production deal with David
Eaton Productions, completed a new 3-song single, and written
additional songs that will be recorded for a forthcoming album
scheduled for fall of '06, on a Salt Lake independent record label.

Constant gigging, and continual local radio play has helped Rifle
Street Music earn broad recognition in there hometown of Salt Lake
City, Utah. Brief tours regionally have begun to help expand there fan
base. A new marketing campaign headed up by the band will be
promoting to college radio stations across the country. They have sent
over one hundred singles to radio stations, and will begin touring
these cities this fall.

With Dominic Bodell as architect, Rifle Street Music has become a voice
for personal struggle. Moosman, Mills, and Anderson give life and
stability to that voice. Rifle Street Music is? honest, humble,
heart-felt rock.


Heard you for the first time back in the mid 2000's. It was on x96 live and local. fell in love with the music. calling on drama. couldn't find it again for about 8 years. finally did :D

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