Thanks for dropping in.
I’ve had a great time recently, recording a bunch of new self-penned tunes, with the expert assistance of a couple of creative guys – Chunc Productions - at their studio here in Leeds.
My songs draw on a fairly diverse set of influences, including Bob dylan, the Feeling, U2, Cole Porter, the Bee Gees, Joni Mitchel and the Scizzor Sisters. I mainly play the guitar, and most of the songs are written with guitar in hand, but I also dabble with keyboards and have started to enjoy writing at the piano.
I finished recording a first set of four songs last summer, including ‘On Streets Like These’ which is here to listen to. I think these have a kind of live, band sort of feel; a bit pop, a bit rock and maybe even a bit alt country?
Then, in the second half of last year we commenced on a further set of four songs, which have just been completed. I think these show my sound evolving, and have a harder edge.
But what do I know. Have a listen and see what YOU think.

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Well, my demo of Won't You Be My Bernie Taupin; has now found it's way quietly out of the pop/rock top10; however, 'Getting Older' has now stormed its way into the Rock Easy Listening' Top10. Thanks very much.


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