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Hailing from a small town in northern Massachusetts, Tenebrae, alter-ego of musician/composer Josh Sherman, is a culmination of his experience, influences, and his natural musical instincts. He seamlessly mixes traditional musical ideas with his own experimental style to create a sound that is undeniably unique, yet familiar. Tenebrae operates mainly within electronic sub-genres, but is also well versed in many styles of rock. Much of his music, regardless of genre, features a cinematic style suitable for a substantial number of film needs.

Tenebrae is currently seeking exposure through film and television, as well as other media outlets, and his electronic-symphonic track "Sand and Circuits" is currently under consideration for a motion picture. Other notable exposure includes placement in a commercial for a local music production company. A compilation of his latest work will be available in digital and compact disc formats in late summer of 2011.

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