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I'm a producer, composer, songwriter and artworker from germany.
If you like more information about me visit my pages or read my bio.
I have no special genre for my work, it is important for me to stay free of rules and trends.
My best friend is Donald Duck, thats the best way to show you my mind.

I work already on two album-projects.
"Sumerian Lyrics" and "Princess".
I have added 8 pre mastered songs and 6 demos to my profile.

The descriptions of a few songs including the name Garibaldi as composer or producer etc. That is my second artist name for my work in film, video and graphics.
If you need artwork or work in music or video please use the contact-page or visit www.garibaldi-media.de.

Have a good world.....

Latest News

I changed my artist name in the profile, cause I use this name more as a musician than Garibaldi.
Garibaldi is my artist name in movie or video work.

I work already on two album-projects.
"Sumerian Lyrics" and "Princess".
I have added 8 pre mastered songs and 7 demos to my profile.

It's my life

In 1966 the world got a new artist heroe, it was not easy to arrive on
this planet, so my mother helped me a little bit.

Then I visited all this stupid organisations for childs in germany (elementary school and other schools and...)

When I was 13 years old my parents
spend an organ to me. So I wrote my first music.

The only interesting thing in school was making an animation movie in 1982. So I got the idea
to live my life as an artist.

So I learned to be a restaurant manager in 1983.

After the exam I made a lot of funny jobs (gardener, waiter, security), only to get bread and water in the kitchen, the hard food of artists.
In 1985 I connected to a producer
(music-label) and start to work as
an artist manager in his company.

In 1987 I moved to Berlin.
A big town with a big wall around,
you remember ?
In 1988 I made a practical course
at an exchange broker company.
So I learned how the big market works - lost the interest - and
started again to work as producer
and artist.
Since 1990 I made a lot of things
and projects in music and tv and
founded with friends together
different teams and groups.
Like the "Die Helden" (the heroes)
for example.
Since 2004 I work with my own company Garibaldi-Media as producer in audio and video.
Since 2009 I'm the owner of
GeMa-freelabel (independent-label)
and (with a partner together)
ÜMF Musikprojektmanagement.

Now I'm still standing.


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Marilyn Oakley
over 30 days ago to Aremi Legard

Thank you, Aremi, for the 5 star rating on my song "Draw That Line". :o)))

Susan Odella
over 30 days ago to Aremi Legard

Hi Aremi - Thanks for the stars on "Fallen" - appreciated! Susan

The Angels of Mercy
over 30 days ago to Aremi Legard

Aremi, while time has passed, we have not. Your music is still the most beautiful undiscovered diamond. Let it Shine! -N

2 Replies
Aremi Legard
over 30 days ago

Nick, what a pleasure, one of my longest friends here on this great broadjam stage. Thank you so much for your compliment and your ongoing support.
I take a bow!
Hope you are well.
By the way, when will we do our next collab?

Aremi Legard
over 30 days ago

Just listened to Fragile, what a great kind of piece with so much atmosphere inside (and outside).
Great song..

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