"It all started with four guys who had a dream to write the best songs possible. Changes in lives and unforeseen tragedies have altered the current situation. No matter what happens in life, our songs will always resonate with us and will always have certain and personal meanings for each band member. Our music is dedicated to our late-drummer and friend, Jack Homberg and guitarist and best friend, Dave Davidson. While most bands are widely concerned with image, the quality of our songs remains the most important aspect of our songwriting forte and philosophy. Melodies and song structure should be every band's main concern. I am currently living in Philadelphia working on my Ph.D. and Penn and would love to find fellow musicians/songwriters to collaborate with.

- Eric Hilton, Ph.D. Candidate/University of Pennsylvania, Bassist/Songwriter - Power of Mind

Power of Mind

Brian Byrd - Lead Vocals

Darren Matthews - Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals

Dave Davidson- Lead and acoustic guitars, Keyboard arrangements, Backing vocals, Lead Engineer/Producer

Eric Hilton - Bass, Fretless Bass, Acoustic guitars, Keyboard Arrangements, String arrangements, Backing vocals, Assistant Producer/Engineer

Ken Shipley - Drums and Percussion

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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