Somewhere out on New Route 66, about 50 miles west of Sinatra, Swanson is swingin' and singin'. He loves Dave Frishberg songs and other stuff, like tumbler drinks. Lonnie Johnson is God.

John's quirky-cool jazz, blues, and pop music has been licensed for The Night Before (Seth Rogen feature film), ABC (Blood and Oil, Secrets and Lies), CBS (Scorpion), Showtime (The Affair), NBC (Last Call with Carson Daly), Hallmark Channel (Once Upon a Holiday), AMC (Freakshow), Bravo (Southern Charm), ABC Family (The Fosters, Switched at Birth), El Rey Network (From Dusk Till Dawn), MTV, and VH1 . International film, television, and retail radio credits include England, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, and Sweden.

John is an accomplished singer and guitarist, and his warm personality and stellar musicianship are a fine fit for almost any kind of venue.

Professional Critiques

"John dishing up tasty jazz tunes in the big band swing style...His vocals are reminiscent of crooners of an other era, but his clever songs but him in this century" Janie Franz, Skope Magazine .

Here's what more professional reviewers have said about John's music....

"This song puts the listener in a soothing place where everything is just right!"
"This classic sound swings so strongly...yet comes across as fresh as any hip-hop, rock, or country music charting right now"
"This music has enormous marketability in an adult contemporary market"
"The vocals are bold and soulful. The guitars are smooth and hypnotic. Excellent work!"
"The lyrics are sultry and sexy. The flow easily and have a good feel"
"The most memorable thing in this track is the atmosphere it creates right from the start...that leads to the particular and unique signature sound"

Swanee says.......

"I like songs with characters, places, foods, drinks. Tangible subject matter makes the best stories. The world around you is the lyrics. You just have to come up with a melody.

You cannot hide from yourself in songwriting - you're in there at every turn. It demands honesty. Sometimes I'll write a song about some "other" people. You know, from a cool, detached observer point of view...then I'll go back and listen and think "Swanee, who you kidding? That's just you in that song."

As important as creating original music is to me, playing the standards is just as important. That's one of the things I love so much about jazz and blues. There is no such thing as "cover music". Playing standards is not just accepted in jazz; it's required. It's required to be able to speak the language and to help define your own style.

I would list the great New Orleans bluesman Lonnie Johnson as my all-time fav. He was an innovative guitarist, a captivating singer, a brilliant songwriter, an A-list side-man, and a one-of-a-kind soloist. LJ was one of the most complete musicians ever. He pretty much exemplifies everything I would ever hope to be as a musician."

Unless you happen to be Bob Dylan or Louis Armstrong you ain't gonna change the world with a musical instrument; but you can change YOUR world with one."


Featured in the Dec/Jan edition of Music Up Close with Janie . December 2009

John debuts on Songwriter's Network November 28, 2009

Top 10 in Broadjam Jazz Swing Category, November 2009 for "New Route 66"

John is featured artist on Music Without Labels November 2009

John interviewed by Music Without Labels October 2009

"Cruise Cosmos" cracks top 10 in Ourstage rock instrumental genre. June 2009

"Nice as a Day Can Be" finishes #1 in Broadjam licensing peer review - June 2009

"Why Don't You" reaches #4 in Ourstage song contest - March 2009

Added to rotation of the internet's #1 Independent Radio Station iradiola

"Say Hello to Lou" climbs to #4 in Broadjam Jazz Lounge Category, June 2008

Runner Up, April 2006 Song of the Year contest for "Say Hello to Lou"

Track of the Day, March-April 2006 GarageBand

Additional GarageBand awards - Best Male Vocals, three weeks consecutively March 2006 . Best Guitars, two weeks consecutively March-April 2006. Additional awards for Best Lyrics, Best Melody, Best Mood, and Best Chill-Out track

Runner Up, May 2004 Song of the Year contest for "Why Don't You"

Third Place, November 2003 Denver Songwriter's contest


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New Route 66 great tune!

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