Mr. Completely is an energetic and very entertaining group of talented musicians.
Fronted by the dynamic vocals of Jamie Robertson and guitarist extraordinaire Richard Spencer, the band is backboned by anchorman bassist George Milutinovic and kept together with driving force drummer "Hot Rod" Campbell. New and wonderful things have been happening to the boys of Mr. C since releasing their debut album "Twice on Sundays" to rave reviews. Their first single "Walk Away" has been getting airplay since before the band received their final copies of the cd.

Video for Without Warning

Copy and paste this address into your address bar and you can see the video to the old version of Without Warning. The band back then was Month of Sundays and included Rick Bossom on keyboards instead of Richard Spencer on guitar. mms://

The Reviews are in...

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Awesome CD, I can't pick a favorite song because they're all good!
Reviewer: Ronna Lee Wright
The first single Walk Away is incredible;the first time you hear it you feel like it has always been your favorite song! However, there are so many other good songs on this CD you'll be hard pressed to pick a favorite. You can't help but want to get up and dance when you hear them. There's definitely something on this CD for everyone!

Reviewer: MJ Kapel-All Access Music
Harmonies,hooks,melody,KILLER guitar...THIS is what ROCK AND ROLL is all about!! If youre so sick of every new band on the rock scene sounding so alike you wanna vomit...this is for you. A breath of fresh air to be sure. FINALLY a band who are proud of the fact that they can PLAY instruments and form harmonies instead of 3 power chords and some screaming and grunting...yawn. As a BONUS, you can UNDERSTAND the cleverly crafted lyrics! Do yourself a favor and PURCHASE this record! Mr Completely has my support...COMPLETELY!!

100%pure classic rock
Reviewer: Will Rendall
From the Eagle-like harmonies of NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN through to the haunting ballad INTO YOUR EYES,Mr.Completely never let up at all and seem destined to put Campbell River on the map.It is my opinion there is not a bad cut on this album.

WOW lots of soul
Reviewer: Roy Tippenhauer
The band sounds like they're having fun and its all about the music. So much passion and feeling in the songs.

A quote from program director Pete Montana 98.9 Jetfm
Reviewer: Mrs. C
This is a quote from the Pete Montana, the program director of the first radio station to play Mr. Completely's first single, Walk Away... "Sorry for the delay on contacting you……great cd, love it! I need for our VP of Programming to hear it before we play anything from it, but it’s my recommendation we do. Normally, as I’m sure you are aware, stations are reluctant to add local bands, for lots of reasons. But Mr.Completely has a damn fine sound that I believe fits our format. So, let’s talk soon on the phone and see if we can’t push this through." Pete Montana Program Director -since this email, Walk Away has been playing in regular rotation on 98.9 Jetfm as well as other stations.

Every song on the CD is incredible.
Reviewer: George Stawski
Wow! You know when you buy a CD and maybe one or two songs are good on the album....Well, I listen to alot of music, and I have to tell you that every song on the CD is incredible. You must buy it!!!!

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