Singing, playing, writing, recording and performing have all been a large part of 'who I am' since I was 14. If I could revamp something a comrade of mine mentioned in his bio - Some of my tunes are worth hearing....while some are worth 'shearing' - lol. Still, I have fun writing each and every tune.
Throughout the years I have perfomed in many bands - Arcadia, Zylis, Turn of the Century, Dear France, Curve, Brooklyn and Arrival being the major ones. Collectively, we have opened for Danger Danger, Joe Lynn Turner, Badfinger, Zebra and others.
I performed with Curve on Star Search '90 and we also appeared on the cable show 'New York, Nu Rock'.
These days I am still in the mix with my own 'at home' studio. My friends lend their talents when I need - while I lend a hand where needed. I hope you enjoy my tunes as much as I enjoyed creating them. *Thanks for the positive influence, Craig! Always the best co-writer around!
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