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My song "I'll Bear It All" has won Theme Song Contest for the month of January!! Thank you so much to all who voted for it!!!

Also my songs "In the Hands of a Clown", "Counting the Zeros", and "The Crusade" have been in the TOP 10 of Folk Rock for a few months now! Thanks so much for the support!

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"I could ramble on all night about this song and artist, but instead think I'll just sit back and have another couple of listens. Pure talent excellent on all fronts, love it."

Matthew Dorrien

Matt Dorrien, a 23-year-old Long Island born singer/songwriter, grew up under the heavy influence of great music. He began studying classical piano at age 10, saturating himself in the fantasies and waltzes of Chopin and the staggering piano variations of Mozart. However, at age 15 he discovered a musical phenomenon that, like it has for all musicians, forever altered and enlightened his musical perspective. His throne of joy was found in the magic of the Beatles. And from that day forth he continued to discover musicians of the 60?s and 70?s that would continue to cultivate his unique folk/pop, singer/songwriter style. Simon and Garfunkle, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Billy Joel, and the amazing songwriting team of Elton John and Bernie Taupin are just to name a few.
However, when Matt turned 9 something else occurred that would eclipse any musical inspiration he received thenceforth. His parents, for reasons he never understood, packed all they owned, and left their small home and everyone close to them in green New England for the barren desert of Southern California. It devastated him so much, that it continues to permeate his music to this day. That, combined with his feeling of utter social abandonment, and a complete inability to fit in, paint his music, lyrics, and melody with a uniquely haunting ode to sorrow and a pining for unconditional love; a sound that few artists are able to capture. There is, however, great hope found in these soul-searing lyrics that ride so delicately on a sultry and youthful voice. When you are alone and weary of the weight you are carrying, listen to his beautiful ?I?ll Bear It All? and know there is someone out there who is predestined to help carry you through.

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