I have been involved in music since 1983 - I have 3 albums and off the 2nd I had great radio success with 8 songs - I won song of the year in 1994 ( with the song 'nothings there') and had 2 Top 40 hits on national radio stations ( with the songs 'Johnny and 'Nothing comes from Nothingness')
I am coming now more from the angle of wanting a publishing deal where artists / agencies/ bands etc can use my songs - My history is far too long to go into detail but I have travelled extensively and sung my songs in many parts of the world - I feel the time is right ( because I have the facilties available ) to spend my time writing songs for other people to use. the internet is a very strange animal. It can work for you but you still have to have that song/s that get you known. I have posted a dvd on youtube under Mike(Buzz) Hood - check it out!!!

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Been recording and finished another song which I posted on broadjam - hope it sells - cheers
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