My space to publish Christian songs i've written, and those co-written with friends like Ryan Govender (Child of the Cross). "Friends" is an older song of mine and the first to be put up here. Many more are waiting in the wings.
Thank you Jesus for the music and the joy you have brought into my life - Frank Naude.
P.S. You can also visit where I write commercially with my friend, Doug Campbell.

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Aug 2008-Africa No 1. Jun 2008 - Jesus Loves Me is a Christian hymn written by Anna B. Warner in 1860 & tune added in 1862 by William Batchelder..this kinda reminds me of that.

Who am I?

My music life is a bit of this and a bit of a quilt. I guess I love the writing the most, but also the collaboration with others...the learning with each new song and so on.
I have written with others, for others, for myself and for bands I have been part of in the past, We have done radio, video and have had a huge amount of fun and made great friends...that's important to me!
I appreciate all kinds of music and don't only write Christian music, but I must add that the spititual side has a rewarding and enriching aspect that goes beyond the norm. I write with others like Ryan Govender at Child of The Cross and I also write with my friend Doug Campbell at www,, where we do corporate and other songs on demand. I just love it all!

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