From Buffalo NY and proud of it! We wrote and played our own songs for 8 years. The last release of the LP 'No Sound' has brought us to a feeling of great accomplishment, so we disbanded for more reasons than one.

Here is great place to listen to our music with FREE STREAMING. Our BIO is available for a deeper look at who we are and what were doing.

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rock on.

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The people should know! The band Gorilla Punch disbanded as of August 2010. The writing, shows and memories will last us for the rest of our lives. The support given by many friends, family, coworkers, etc --- was overwhelming and flattering over time. The music is never over! We are all very much alive and writing!

Gorilla Punch

A blend of 80's metal and 90's alternative Gorilla Punch finds a niche in the Hard Rock category. Inspired by the creative forces that lie in the heart and soul of each member. Gp (for short) members share many separate and unique experiences (too many to list) that contribute to the beast that has been created.
As the band forms one solid unit writing and performing original songs comes natural. Each individual song never loses the true feeling of what it has to offer.

Jeremy Kirkpatrick (vocals, guitar) Kevin peace (vocals, bass) Dennis Farley (vocals) Micheal Valenti (drums) Robert Hall (guitar)

2010 brings an exciting time for Gp to find itself in the national limelight-ready for the larger 'scope'. The release of 'No Sound' has already sold many copies all over the world and has gained tons of attention on myspace.com.
The support the fans have given so far has been more than what was expected. Reaffirming that the writing and performing force has yet only scratched the surface with what is to be offered.

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Lost @ Sea
over 30 days ago to GORILLA PUNCH

Hello There,
I am Dennis A singer/songwriter from NY in the U.S. who is hoping to get some plays and feedback on my 25 years of music I am uploading called 'Lost @ Sea' with many, many songs that will be added throughout the next couple months that should be a great combo of style and subject matter with the array of many musicians I have worked with throughout the years. thank you for your time and I do hope that a song may reach your ears and straight to your heart. That is what it is all about :)

Yours Truly,
Dennis Clifton
Lost @ Sea

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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