Solo artist with Band, dark, moody, and original, a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Singing behind the realities of this world, thought and meaning put behind every word, this artist can truly captivate those who...

Ahhh we're a rock band, and we like rock. Yeah, how's that for a description? :)


Madeline Speak is an artist that animates the perception of a beautifully raw sound coupled with progressive melodies, embodying an organic rock that rides the fence between rock and metal. But there is also a soft alternative vibe to them with soul hitting simplicity that one could wind down to at the end of a hard day. This artist's uninhibited story-telling creates an experience that you can't help but want to be a part of.

"Madeline", first derived as a song title, personified the vision of a child's purity, lost in the wilderness of an ever-changing and imperfect world... Madeline "Speak" then, was the voice of that innocence. After years of searching, Andy had finally found his own voice and faith, and linking up with fellow bandmates Jonathan, Vince and Dave, he finally found the support he needed to make Mads' voice a reality-


JB Sanzone
over 30 days ago to Madeline Speak

so cool to hear this again

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Clean Clean

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