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In The Studio working on 4 albums at the same time! I also keep a day job & go to school...

Gerritt "Tiz" Tisdale

The genre jumping producer/singer/songwriter/m.c. TIZ was born in Houston,TX in the early 80's where he grew up exposed to sounds of Stevie Wonder, Eric B. & Rakim, RUN-DMC, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and 80's Pop music the likes of Phil Collins, The Police & More. ..."I was hooked on Hip-Hop from the first time I heard Rakim's Lyrics blasting out of the speakers and when I saw Grand Wizard Theodore on the Herbie Hancock Video "Rock-it", I knew I wanted to make music & that first thing......I wanted to be a d.j.! As soon as I got the chance & no one was around, I marched right over to my fathers Marantz stereo system, (This was one of his prized possessions. lol) grabbed his Miami Vice Record and started wearing out the needle until -all of the sudden......"SNaP!!!".... I broke the needle clean off! I remember that day well because when he got home and saw his stereo system had been used as a toy, he was pissed! lol! That was the begining for me." -Tiz Since then, Tiz has pushed vinyl & beats all accross the globe and now focuses primarily on producing song with The A-Team & writing songs for upcoming artists like C.L. Mecca, Cheec Webster, T-Lyric, D.J. Akami, Soul City and many more. At age 24, this underground producer/singer/songwriter/D.J./M.C. is on the way to becoming a household name.

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