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Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to lost on foot

Dear Lost on foot, just listened to your song, "Soldier Blue", gave it 5 stars & Likes! It's an interesting tune, your vocal sounds a tad like the lead singer for Green Day and that's Super Cool! Suggestion, your lyrics could be out front just a bit more, hard to understand your words and they sound like they need to be heard! Went to your Broad Jam page, but you don't have your lyrics listed....
Anyway, grand song Sir!! Love to connect with you, do you know a UK artist Keith Allen?? He's sung on a few of our compositions...he's got a Great Voice!!
Hope to hear back from you, always love to connect with a Talented Broad Jam Member...
Happy Trails...
Margie & Art Corey/BMI

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to lost on foot


Many thanks for a very generous review of Little One, it goes back to a time my granddaughter was very small and can seem a bit schmaltzy but it is genuine. Thanks from a fellow UK songwriter!
Just had a listen to some of your songs and they are really original and very well performed. Good luck with them.


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lost on foot
over 30 days ago

Thanks Bob the sentiment came through very well and I enjoyed the listen all the best

John Masarone
over 30 days ago to lost on foot

Thank you for spending time reviewing my song, Don't Do It. It is much appreciated.

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