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A Solo Composer-Producer just speaking my mind and creating for all who enjoy.
I am open to all forms of collaboration from session work!
Here are some recent Ideas to test these waters.

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I'm Building up the site now so enjoy what's here for now.
There will be Variety here, Just wait for it Skippy!
I am working on several projects and Little Ricky's is the Parent of ~AL~, White Spics, The Mapplebecks' (Cartoon) and More To Come~
Each Project is focused differently with the respective instruments, sounds, and feel~

~Little Ricky's Story~

Little Ricky's House Of Chankletas was Started out of My Odd playing never agreeing with my Metal and Alternative Friends.
At the time I was working with a Comedy Troupe called "Cheese Theatre" that I decided to bring in and Improvise some Comedy Music on Recordings with Me. Little Ricky's is Born! With about 30 or so Tracks We almost Released the album until they all agreed it was too weird for people. So I kept Recording and I would Invite People over for when I needed Someone for a Track. There has been a Live Band for the past few years that had gotten further away from the point the more we wrote together. It had become an Improvised Noise Band with Inflections from Other Artists work and Direct Quotes from Their Pieces. This did not go along with the Ricky way at all. So here I am Rebuilding and working on a few Different Projects with Different Genres and Sounds for each Individual Project. Little Ricky's House Of Chankletas is more of a Parent Band or Production Company if you will for all my Various Likings ~(Hopefully Yours as well)~
As Usual Enjoy The Soy~


Been Producing Video and Comedy, More Music soon (:-{)>

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