DJhypknotik is an aspiring poetic mastermind with a unique yet chaotic style of production beginning to inch his way into this ever changing musical society.
He is quickly becoming a favorite local Fort Worth poet and has hopes of familiarizing the world with his collaboration of electronic music and inventive rhymes.
This local entrepreneur dreams of being able to touch peoples souls using this amazing art of music.



If you wish for a taste of some of
his early poetry visit
user: Richard Barrington.


Weeping willows whisper through the night,
And the intelligent owl curiously takes flight.
In the sea the fish dance in the moonlight,
But as I sit the brilliance slowly leaves sight.
This beauty would have been missed if I had slept,
But instead I heard how nature silently wept.
Inside my heart these memories will be kept,
And painfully soon the bright sunshine crept.
Sad at first I realized this was impressive too,
But all I could do was sit as the soft wind blew.
I watched how the innocent hummingbird flew,
And I am reminded of the sky?s captivating blue.
Every wondrous view affects me in many ways,
And in the exact same place every sweet sight lays.
To behold the universe you might search for days,
But once in reach of your soul this splendor stays.

Copyright ©2005 Richard Matthew Barrington

Mortal Sins

The essence of death surrounds him in many ways,
He tries hard to survive it but in the shadows it stays,
He cries and cries unholy tears as he prays,
But nothing can help him as his time fades,
In the silence his mind sits as his heart dies,
And in the dark empty room his warm body lays,(lies)
As the angels look upon him the youngest one cries,
And away from him his angry soul flies,
On the glass table lays a warm spoon and a candle burns,
The leather strap pulled tight as his last blood churns,
A needle sits on the floor a lesson learned to late,
The mortal sins take control and swiftly seal your fate.

Richard Matthew Barrington

Affections Uncertainties …..

Why is it that no one seems to want you when your alone,
But everyone shows their interests when you are taken,
Why is it that love speaks in a such a sweet subtle tone,
But its artificial words can leave your mind so shaken,

Why is it that we can fall for someone almost instantly,
But we don?t even know if this thing called love is true,
Why is it that our souls feel so trapped and desire to be free,
But we live in search of the soul mate to guide us through,

Why is it that sex can take control so many innocent lives,
But also release so much pressure that constantly builds inside,
Why is it that passion stabs into you like metaphorical knives,
But your heart slowly sinks away and often tries to run and hide,

Why is it that a simple talk can make you happier than you?ve ever been,
But a petty argument can make you miserable for hours or even days,
Why is it that mere infatuation isn?t considered to be a criminal sin,
But it leaves your mind running in circles trapped in a synthetic maze,

Why is it that fate can bring two separate lives together and create one,
But it also has the power to perfectly space two primary pieces apart,
Why is it that when we get too close for comfort we instinctively run,
But no matter how fast we go it feels like we got off to a bad start,

Why is it that you fear too much and not enough at the same time,
But when you find what you want those thoughts will quickly end,
Why is it that physical attraction is first to make your pulse climb,
But personality holds you tight and refuses to break or bend,

Why is it that one person?s trash is another?s priceless treasure,
But once they know that it?s wanted they can?t just throw it away,
Why is it that these answers will be solved when we are together,
But for the time being lets just live these lives from day to day.

Copyright ©2005 Richard Matthew Barrington

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